Global Market Outreach



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We utilize unmatched proprietary data to track active buyers and sellers in the market. Colliers will execute a personal, high-touch communication plan with targeted investors, including the "frustrated" pool of buyers that have been outbid, those looking to increase market share, and investors that have been searching to enter the market.


We will ensure regional and national exposure by collaborating with Colliers Investment Services Group and Global Investment Services teams. This partnership allows us to place this opportunity squarely into the hands of key decision makers on a global scale. Direct access to strong relationships inside all major markets in a coordinated effort will allow the Colliers team to make sure all investors see this first-class opportunity. Through these efforts, professionals will be tuned into the transaction where real-time activity can be shared. This additional layer of connectivity will ensure that no source of capital left untapped.


Marketing Materials


Electronic & Print


An electronic marketing campaign ensures that materials are efficiently distributed and tracked. High resolution collateral pieces are formatted for printing and may be supplemented by a hardcopy teaser/flyer. All buyers will receive marketing materials beyond traditional "outbound tactics". Email campaigns are used to maintain awareness by providing important updates, key date reminders, tours and offer due dates. These tactics, along with our numerous media publications, helping generate over a million impressions per month.

digital & print

As an important ingredient of our electronic marketing campaign, Colliers will develop a multipage electronic brochure (Offering Memorandum) for the property. The materials will highlight the salient points of the investment opportunity while providing a means to communicate with our team. The e-teaser will also include a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. The proper execution of this agreement by prospective buyers will initiate the controlled process for all interested parties to access the Offering Memorandum and due diligence library. Each e-mail push is immediately followed-up with a comprehensive phone call campaign to target buyers.



rapid connection technology

  • Colliers' cutting-edge technology platform enhances collaboration, efficiency and transparency
  • Custom web-based tools, ColliersHub, manages our vast knowledge base, increases communication and exposes existing relatinships across our deep bench of local market experts

In-Depth reserach

  • Valueable market intelligence supportive of clients' business decisions
  • Multi-leveled support across all property types, from data collection to comprehensive market analysis
  • Expansive databases housing detailed information on properties nationwide and globally
  • Quarterly reports produced on market/economic conditions in virtually every major market
  • Combined market knowledge and forward-thinking expertise for future planning



  • Comparative market analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Demographics
  • Employment and transportation analysis